I wrote this series of articles to determine whether the channel is a welcome place for women. Why? Because after my 30-year career in the channel, I was not so sure.

Part I: How’s That Working For Them?

The Beginning: My start in the channel, and the progress that ensued.


Part II: Can Women Make it to the Top of the Channel Food Chain?

Like most women who have been in the channel for many years, Theresa Caragol began her career at the first link of the channel food chain and worked her way up. Her story is a familiar one for numerous women in the channel.


Part III: Running A Woman Owned Channel Company in a Man’s World

For the third installment of the Women in the Channel series, I interviewed two veteran women solution provider business owners for their insight and stories of what life is like in this predominantly male industry.


Part IV: Are We There Yet?

For the final article, I wanted to get the thoughts of other female channel professionals so I interviewed two women whose viewpoints, though similar, come from different generations. I interviewed Kim King, Vice President of Global Partners and Channels at Progress and Susie Wallingford, whose career started in the age of XaaS and is Manager of the SI and Reseller Partner Program at Conga.