Part I: It’s Not Love At First Sight 

What vendors want? It’s not love at first sight. They want to date you first.

Part II: Let’s Talk Business

“Do we really have to talk about business?”
You do if you want a business partnership with a vendor.
Whether a vendor is large or small, they put a lot of effort into partner recruitment. It is very important for them to create the appropriate partner profile for their needs and to find the solution providers who best fit that profile.

Part III: Be Presentable

“Why do we have to get dressed up?”
If you don’t think marketing is important now, you will have to change your tune when you are recruited by a vendor. Marketing may simply be dressing something up to make it look good but it is very important to the vendor community.

Part IV: ‘Close and Go’ Is Not Going to Cut It

What can vendors do to develop mutually profitable channel relationships with their partners? Teach them to fish? Well, something like that. One of the most important things a vendor can do for their partners is provide them with the education and tools needed to successfully sell.

Part V: Does Your Technical Team Meet Vendor Requirements?

We know what we are doing. Why do you ask?
But do you really know? If a vendor is recruiting you for their partner program, can you definitively say your technical team meets their requirements?

Part VI: Like They Say, Opposites Attract…Or Not!

Do opposites really attract in a vendor-partner relationship? Probably not. When a vendor is recruiting partners, they are looking for companies whose business processes and practices are similar and a good fit with their own. It is not only a business fit that is important but a company fit as well.

Part VII: Is This The Relationship You Want?

Does this sound familiar? You thought you had done everything right. You showed the vendor you were more than prepared to be their partner and they were impressed. They told you your business, marketing, sales, technical teams and culture were the right fit and they would love to have you in their partner program. Then six months or a year later, nothing has turned out well.