Part I: Transparency And Proof Of Concept

For Mosaic Technology, Infinio had them at Trust, Transparency, and Proof of Concept

According to Herb Hamblen, VP of Sales for solution provider Mosaic Technology, “Infinio has resources that I know and trust, their solution is non-disruptive, performance impact is very transparent thanks to the tools they include and minimal time and investment is needed from the client. Read more…

Part II: You Can Go Back

SAS did try again and the second time around is proving to be the charm. The re-launch of their channel program in 2013 allowed SAS to reconnect with some of their previous partners, including DJ Penix, President and owner of Pinnacle Solutions, in what has become a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership.

Part III: The Role Of Humility

Humility, how important is it for the vendor in a channel relationship?
For Chris Morgan, Vice President of Channels and Distribution for Nutanix, it is very important, especially if it is lacking.

Part IV: Don’t Leave Them Floundering

What can vendors do to develop mutually profitable channel relationships with their partners? Teach them to fish? Well, something like that.
One of the most important things a vendor can do for their partners is provide them with the education and tools needed to successfully sell