Part I: Love at First Sight!

If a channel sales partnership is to be successful, it’s all about the relationship between the vendor and the partner. There can be all kinds of fancy channel programs and spiffs but if the channel partner does not feel like they are treated as a legitimate business partner, the partnership will not work.

Part II: Getting to Know One Another

…As the year passed, there were bi-weekly update calls with the Vendor’s channel manager and a few dinners with various Vendor sales and product managers.  But no plan on how these two companies were going to successfully sell together.

Part III: Can’t We Just Get Along?

Channel conflict.  Two words that can make a channel partner see red.  There are various forms of channel conflict.

Part IV: Not Clicking?

After everything the NYC VAR had been through with the Vendor (Part I, II, III), it was no surprise they were rethinking the partnership.  The Vendor was continually reaping, but not sharing, the rewards from the labors of the VAR.  Was it time to end this relationship?

Part V: Opposites Attract … Or Not!

There was no surprise the relationship between the NYC VAR and the vendor had ended. It was the best decision for the current situation. The VAR could now move forward, using the insight they gained, to develop an equitable partnership with a more appropriate vendor.